Friday, June 28, 2019

Rear wheel spokes breaking...

To date 4 spokes broke on the drum side in separate episodes. All spokes snapped at the hook end. The last one broke even before I'd refitted the tyre!!

I studied the problem very closely. They must be suffering stress, beyond their endurance limit.

I noted the flanges are a different thickness on each side but yet they take the very same spokes.
My solution is to increase the thin flange (drum side) to the same thickness as the other flange. I effectively achieved this by sliding a washer on each spoke before inserting it into the spoke hole.

Pictured: Spokes assembled with washers.
The washers are 1.1mm thick.

The drum offset to rim edge is now reduced to 18mm. This gives a slight improvement to stability over the previous 20mm, so riding "no hands" is even better.

OK, so it's only been 150km so far but the spokes lines look better as they have a much more of a "straight pull" from the spoke holes.

Hoping this concludes the saga on what's been a very frustrating time. We'll see...

Update: nearly 400km now and all is well.

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Valintines Indians

These bikes were offered for sale in the 60's by Valintines Army Surplus, Hamilton, N.Z.. They were built from all new army surplus parts.

Carb float, flooding issues

I'd had the carb apart and was having persistent flooding. The ultimate solution was simple. Loosen the screw holding the float and move it in the slot, away from the needle valve. The slot itself is only a few millimeters but that's all it needed.

Pic below is testing the float and valve. I used a cork to plug the hole.

Saturday, March 23, 2019

Six Indians

It was a great ride. Matahuru road/Ohinewai road. It was loose gravel, tight and twisty, just right for a 741 Indian.

Leaving Morrinsville...

Meeting at Te Hoe, then we were six

Free wheeling down the hill ....out from the bush..

Sheltering from showers..

Tahuna Tavern..

Te Aroha..

Morrinsville Pilot

Saturday, February 9, 2019

Clutch, primary master link

Readers will be aware of the chain master link issue previously mentioned in older posts. I discovered exactly the same problem with another split pin cotter subsequently missing. It was discovered in 3 pieces in the bottom of the primary case. The symptom was the same, the tails of the cotter were broken as if by fatigue. After studying and reflecting on the issue, I've decided to use 1.6mm welding wire. This is some left over from TIG welding chromoly. It feels tougher than mild wire. I'll insert a pre-cut length then bend the tails in the form of a "Z" pattern. Minimum length tails cut short to reduce fatigue..
Update: I elected to use regular mild steel wire after I discovered the tougher wire broke too easily when bent and forth. I plan to inspect after some miles.
Pic: master link with 1.6mm wire inserted and ready for the 2nd bend and snip to length..

The clutch pressure plate has worn the area where the release bearing fits. There'd be 1mm (.040") or more wear. The plan is to braze the area and lathe a new seat for the bearing making it a light tap fit.
I'll make a plate to keep it from warping. The same plate will be used to mount it to the face plate.
Pic of  jig ..

Ready for brazing....

Brazed and turned to size..

A spacer was missing from the release mechanism. It may be the cause of the pressure plate wear. I made it from mild steel. 5/8" bore x 14.3mm long. The outside diameter was made to fit the housing and seal carrier. I plan to harden it.
Pic of spacer before hardening..

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Viton tip needle valve upgrade

I hail the Viton tip needle valve as a sensible upgrade. Note: no alcohol in my local gasoline supply.
Viton has long stood the test of time on a great number of bikes over the years. It's a pleasant improvement over regular valves. I can leave the gas on without fear of flooding.
741 has the same needle valve with my Panhead so I can share the spares between the bikes.

Update: the particular Viton tip needle I picked up turned out didn't fit the existing outer. I suppose I should have bought inner and outer as a pair. So I learnt, some of the repop valve parts don't interchange.

Spark plugs

New reproduction Indian "C" spark plugs.
These turned out to be cheaper than purchasing equivalent NGK plugs through local car parts dealers. How cool is that?